Sunday, February 26, 2012

Hi there!

Hi there! :)

This new blog is going to be a fashion and beauty collaboration between me and some of my friends :) Yay!
We'll share all our favorite fashion and beauty items, new trends, wishlists, outfits of the day and even some DIY (Do It Yourself) pieces.
I am a HUGE make up addict and got a friend of mine hooked up on all things beauty as well, she's also a major fashion addict and we wanted to do something with this and decided to poor this into a new blog :) Exciting right?
As soon as we shared our plans with some of our other friends there was another girl who hopped on the band wagon! She's also very into fashion and even photography so I think we'll do great things together :) At least I hope so

We're all very excited and looking forward to working on this blog. A new layout is on the way, so stay tuned for that and we hope you'll be enjoying our new blog!

You'll hear more from us soon!

Picture: from weheartit

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