Monday, September 10, 2012

Hex nut necklace


We've have been seeing a lot of hex nut jewelry recently, most of the time in bracelets like the great famous Braided Hex Nut bracelet from honestly ... wtf.
So I wanted to make my very own version and I came up with this. It's really easy, you just have to glue some hex nuts together, you can even make a shape if you want, like the batman logo or such, it depends on the size of your hex nut. If you have a high variation of sizes you could play with them even more. Hex nuts are really cheap, you can find them in any hardware store. I just used two small hex nuts to attach my chain it seemed easier to me.
I also used a trombone to attach both sides. I really like this trick because I normally never have enough stuff to close my necklaces.

I actually like the way it turned out, it looks really luxurious.

See you,

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