Saturday, July 14, 2012

Bone necklace


While eating chicken wings the other day, I came up with a brilliant idea. The idea of making a bone necklace out of my chicken wings bones.
The first step was to remove all the meat that was left on the bones. It was quite a struggle because I didn't know where and how to begin, so after some net surfing, where I looked at numerous suspicious sites where they were telling what the easiest way was to remove meat from an human skull,... I finally found what I had to do.

1. Boil the bones with bicarbonate of soda, after that it is very easy to remove the meat.
2. Put the bones in bleach for one or two days so they lose their nasty smell and the become whiter.
3. Let the bones dry in the sun.
( if you have a lot of time you could even bury them and the ants will eat the meat, they say it works really good as well.)

After that it's as easy as shitting down a hole. You just make two holes at both sides, find a
chain that you like and attach both ends.

I bought a chain some years ago in the 'gamma' for a 'rapper' costume, I used that one. Chains are quite cheap there. After you attach both ends you're ready to wear your edgy, grunge necklace.

I did a bracelet with the rest of the chain. And also some other bracelets with cutlery, like forks, knifes and spoons by just folding them in the right round shape. Wearing a lot of
them at the same time is really cool.

See you!

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  1. That looks very sweet, I like ur pic btw. :$

    xoxo Dirk