Thursday, June 7, 2012

Sparkling outer-sole.

I wanted to pimp my vans so I did a quick brainstorming. I could change the laces or put studs on it like Laure did. But I kind of like the texture of it and I didn't want to hide it. So after some thinking I came up with the idea of putting glitters on the outer-sole of my shoes. Some people are gonna say that it's useless. That nobody will see it. But I think it's kind of magical it looks like you just stepped into unicorn poop. (I'm going to try making unicorn poop one day too.) And when you're walking some of the glitters may fall, so if you're lost you could still find your way back (hahah).

It's actually really cheap to do. I used glue for the bigger glitters and I used a bit of nail polish and also glue for the little ones. Sparkles are really cheap.
I don't know if it's going to stay so I'll do an edit in a few days after walking in the rain etc.

I'm actually putting glitters on a lot of things recently. Like this lighter ahah.

EDIT: It actually stayed, and some people even noticed the sparkling when i was walking so it's pretty cool. You could also only put sparkles in the 'holes' because they stay better there, the sparkles on the flat parts rubbed out when I was walking.

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