Monday, October 29, 2012

Maybelline Color Tattoo 24HR: On and on Bronze

Hi everyone,
I now I'm really late on this, but I'm still going to blog about this product.
The Maybelline Color Tattoos have been out for quite a while now and they've slowly been coming to Europe now. One thing I did notice is that they changed the names for what seem to be the same shades as in America. The one that I have is called 'On and on Bronze' which is the same as 'Bad to the Bronze' in the US if I'm not mistaken. All the other names are diffrent as well. I have no idea why?

Anyway. On to the review. I'm really happy about this product. The product is so creamy, very pigmented and really stays put on your eyes. It's the perfect eye shadow base and can even be used on it's own.
On and on Bronze

On and on Bronze

On and on Bronze
They really do compare to the (famous?) MAC paintpots and they are a lot cheaper!
After swatching them in the store I just couldn't get the swatch to get of my had again. Which is for the most part a good thing because you know the shadow will last on your eyes.

I do have one complaint though. Not so much about the product itself but about the color selection. In the US they have all these extra limited edition shades that just don't make it to Europe. Why is that? I think we would much enjoy those extra shades as well! For instance, a nice light, neutral shade really is missing in my opinion. Maybelline released one not too long ago in a limited edition in the US. I wish we were able to get our hands on those as well.

To sum it up. Go out and get you some of these color tattoos because they really are amazing.

Lots of love.

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