Saturday, November 3, 2012

So I went shopping again...

Today I went shopping and I bought a few things :).
It's getting really cold here so I bought 2 warm sweaters (well, one warm sweater and one thin one I just couldn't resist). They both have cute prints on them but I hope you don't think they're childish..


I bought both of them at H&M for under  25 euros so not expensive at all! Can't wait to wear them, woohoow!

I also bought 2 pairs of earrings, nothing spectacular but I'm super happy with them anyway :)!
The first pair I bought at H&M. I love the colors (the yellow is much brighter than it seems to be in this picture), believe it or not but before I bought this I didn't own anything in a neon color.. They were 7 euros.

The second pair I bought at Six for 4 euros. They remind me of snow white. Seems like something she would wear :).

And last but not least I purchased a Benefit eye brow kit! They've got 2 kits but I picked up the brow zings one because the lady at the counter said it's her favorite :).
I've already tried it and it is amazing! This probably is my most exciting buy.
I'll be putting up a detailed review of this product this week! you should definitely check that out if you are interested! It costed 31 euros.


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