Thursday, January 17, 2013

London after Christmas: Part two

Hi everyone,
Here's part to of my London haul. Let's hop right in :)

After going to Gap we went to Topshop. I was looking for a hat i had seen before but couldn't find it anywhere. Anyway, I went through the rest of the store and found a really nice pair of paint is the sale section. I had been on the hunt for a sort of oxblood colored pair of pants and found exactly what I was looking for.
The picture doesn't really do the color of the pants justice but that's the best I could do with the lighting at that time.

After walking through London for hours and hours, it's become one of my favorite cities in the entire world, I kept seen girls walking along caring PINK and Victoria's Secret bags. Little did I know a Victoria's Secret had recently opened up in London! :) Yay! Yet I did not know where to find it.. So when we got back to the hotel in the evening I did a little research and found the exact location. Of course the next day I had to stop buy and have a look at all the PINK stuff the had. To top of how happy I was already because i found the store, my excitement went up like 10 other levels because almost everything was on sale! Most of it 50% off :) And of course, I didn't leave empty handed. Here's what I bought.
Yoga pants: Bootcut - Cropped
First of all I had a look at the Yoga pants they had. So many styles to choose from! :) I went with the Yoga Bootcut pants (the one on the top of the picture) and a cropped pair (the one on the bottom).
 Next I found this gorgeous sequined, sparkly t-shirt and I knew I just had to get it! :)
To top of the t-shirt, I found the exact same logo on a sweater as well. Pretty right? I'm totally in love with Victoria's Secret now and I wish it was available here in Belgium. Although this means I have another good reason to go back to London again :)

The last part of my haul will be the things I forgot to take pictures of and won't be as long the first two parts :)

What your favorite item from Victoria's Secret?

Lots of love.

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