Monday, January 14, 2013

London after Christmas

Hi everyone,
I know it's been a while since our last blog.
Well, I needed a little break and the holiday time seemed very great timing.
I'm back again and I'm going to try to work out a plan to have up at least 4 blog post a week.
Let's say I'll try to put on up every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. If I miss a day feel free to call me out on it! :) But I promise to do my very best not to let you guys down again! :)

So to begin blogging again I thought I would start by sharing what I bought in London with you all.
My parents surprised me and my brother with a surprise trip to London right after Christmas.
The day we left home and arrived in London was the first day of the sales in England, called Boxing day. All the stores start there huge sales and they last for a certain amount of time, (a month? I'm not sure). Anyway, here is an overview of what I bought.

I did go to some other stores but just put those things in the bags I already had. (And I may have forgotten to photograph them - Bad blogger! Sorry..) Nevertheless, here's a closer look to what I got.
First stop, Boots. I was on the hunt for the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stains as they are not available yet in Belgium. And of course I found them! Yay! The ones I chose are in the shades Honey and Crush.
Honey - Crush
After I found those I also had to go and check out the Soap and Glory section they have in Boots. Last time I was in London I told myself I didn't need any of their products and regretted my decision the moment I left London. So I told myself that when I went back I just had to buy at least one product I really wanted. I went for the famous Hand Food: Hand creme. I picked up both a full-sized tube and a travel-size one for in my purse.
Hand Food - Honey - Crush 
Next stop, Gap. I know this is not the store you expect to visit when in London but they had great deals going on. This bright sweater instantly had my attention and I had to take it home with me. It was only £10. It was the last one left an is a little to big for my but I don't mind the over-sized look as far as sweaters go.

As this already is a longer blog post I'm going to be splitting up my haul into two or even three parts depending on how long the next part is :)

What would be the first store you would visit when in London?

Lots of love.

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