Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Balm: Shady Lady

Hi everyone,
Recently I've discovered a new brand in the Belgian 'drugtores'. Much to my surprise The Balm found it's way to Belgium. American brand that provides paraben and cruelty free products worldwide. I rushed my butt over to the store as soon as I could but kinda forgot to blog about them. I had my eye on that blush for a long time now. A lot of beauty guru's on youtube rave about the Fratboy blush. So there was no doubt about it that that baby would find a new home when I saw it lying on the shelf. Review of that will follow soon.
The other thing I had my eye on was the Nude Tude eyeshadow palette. But when seeing it in the store it looked to much like all the other eyeshadows I already own, so I couldn't justifie buying that. But the makeup hoarder collector in me couldn't walk out with only that blush though.. So the Shady Lady happened.

This palette consists of 9 eyeshadows, some that can also be worn as eyeliner. Multipurpose, great for travel. Some shades are very wearable, quick swipe over the lids and you're set. Others more smokey and less suitable for everyday use. I love them all. They're soft as butter and the pigmentation is great.

Shady Lady - Volume 2 - The Balm
Mischievous marissa - Tempting Tara - Devilish danielle - Bossy bobbi - Makeout mary - Just this once jamie - Caught in the act courtney - feisty felicia - insane jane
What are your favorites from The Balm?
Lots of love.


  1. I love the feisty felicia, Bossy bobbi and makeout mary. Even if the feisty felicia looks way more 'black', does it looks kind of red/purple or not at all?

    1. Yes, it looks kinda purle/red. At least the sparkle does, but it wasn't easy to get that to show in the picture :)