Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A little update..

I have some news for you all..
I (Kelly) started blogging a couple of years ago over on my personal beauty blog EAUSOBEAUTY, and will do so for many years to come.. After sharing what I did here on the internet with a couple of friends, they wanted to have a go at it as well. My best friend, a friend from our class and me joined forces and created 'Unlimited addictions'. A new blog was born. Offering Fashion, beauty and DIY the blog had a wide variety of people visiting our place on the internet. Unfortunately my friends can't find the time to blog anymore since going to university.. So as I am blogging on my own again I won't be posting on this blog anymore. All my blog posts will continue to go up on EAUSOBEAUTY as they have been doing all along. 

So if you guys would like to keep on reading the beauty blog posts that you have been reading on here, head on over to EAUSOBEAUTY. I'll try to add in some more fashion and other fun stuff as well :) You are all more than welcome!

It was fun having you all here, and I would love to see you over on Eausobeauty!

See you soon!

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