Monday, May 7, 2012

M.A.C Pop-up store!

Today I found some news I really had to share with all the Belgian MAC lovers out there!
MAC is opening their first pop-up store in the Benelux and it's really close to where I live. It's in the Woluwe Shopping Center. Yaaaay! So no need to go to the pro store in Antwerp every time anymore. The pop up store opened this May, and as of September the Woluwe Shopping Center will get it's own permanent make up paradise :) Can I get a whoop whoop?! As you can see I'm really excited about this news and I hope some of you are as well! I'm a huge MAC fan :)

What's your all-time favorite MAC product?



  1. I have not had a good experience at the MAC counter yet. I went recently and was standing there for over 30 minutes just to get service!

    1. In Belgium the stores aren't always as busy, so most of the times there's always someone to help you right away. I think MAC is more well known in the US thab it is in Belgium. I hope you do like the products if you bought something :)