Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Maybelline super stay 24 color

A while ago Maybelinne brought out this promising lipstick/lipstain. They claim it would stay on for 24 hours. When I bought it I didn't expect too much from it because usually I'm not happy about these drug store lipproducts. I wore it that same day and to my surprise it still looked pretty good after a couple of hours and even diner!

First you have to apply some sort of liquid stain. I like the the way it applies and it spreads out nicely.
The stain dries in a few seconds but it does leave a very sticky feeling on your lips. After applying the colourless libalm the feeling goes away, it gives a beautifull glos-like shine. You can also use a regular lipbalm but some of the colour will stick on on it. The included lipbalm doesn't seem to take any colour.

There are plenty of colours, divided into four categories: the browns, the reds, the purples and the pinks. The colour I got obviously is one of the red colours, it's called red passion.

The first picture is from when I first applied it. In the second picture I had worn it for hours and eaten dinner. It still looked pretty good. I had had a full meal and I'm sure that if you just eat something small it doens't fade as much.

After all I'm very happy with this product! You apply it in the morning, fast fix ups after meals and you're ready to go :)!

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